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What Is DMT And Should You Be Worried For Your Teen?

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Teenagers have always taken risks. They are experimental by nature. In many ways this independent and daring streak is a positive thing. It allows young people to explore the world and to find out their place in it. Sometimes, though, the need to take risks can be dangerous and even deadly. When teens begin exploring drugs, they take their lives in their hands. For parents this can be terrifying, especially when new drugs become available all the time. One of the latest is called DMT and there is good reason to be worried about it.

What Is DMT?

DMT stands for dimethyltriptamine and it is in the class of drugs called hallucinogens. You may think that hallucinogens came and went in the 1960s, but the drug abuse facts show that nearly 10 percent of today’s high school seniors have tried them. A hallucinogen is a drug that makes the user hallucinate, or see and hear things that aren’t real. For some people the experience is mystical, but for others it can be terrifying and traumatic.

DMT is a drug that can be made synthetically in a lab, but it is also a natural compound. Although it may be new to teens in the U.S., DMT has been used by natives of the Amazon region of South America for hundreds of years. They use the ayahuasca plant, which contains DMT, to aid in spiritual tribal ceremonies. Modern use of synthetic DMT usually involves inhaling a powder or injecting a solution of the compound. The hallucinogenic trip usually lasts for no more than an hour, but the experience is highly individualized.

What Are The DMT Drug Dangers?

As the parent of a teen, it is crucial that you are aware of trends in drug use. DMT is making the rounds and it is not safe. Too many people mistake hallucinogens for low-risk drugs. No drug use is low-risk. One of the biggest dangers of using DMT is the possibility of having a bad trip or a scary hallucination. Hallucinogens have been known to give users post-traumatic stress disorder after a bad trip. This can mean permanent brain damage, nightmares and flashbacks.

Other DMT risks include side effects. It causes the user’s heart rate and blood pressure to go up, which can be dangerous for anyone with an undiagnosed heart condition. DMT also causes body temperature to rise dangerously. It is possible to become very sick or even to die from heat stroke when using this drug.

Teens are always going to find new drugs to abuse, but as a parent it is your responsibility to keep your teen educated. Learn about new drugs like DMT and share with your teen just how scary and harmful it can be. The more you talk to your teen about drugs and substance abuse, the less likely he will be to make a life-altering choice.

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