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Finishing High School After Addiction

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Not finishing high school and not having that diploma or equivalency can hold you back in many ways. Besides feeling embarrassed or ashamed that you haven’t completed a high school education, in practical terms, not having that education can prevent you from getting a good, well-paying job. When addiction disrupts your life, everything else takes a back seat. If you never completed high school because of your addiction, you can still correct that mistake.

What Are My Options For Finishing High School?

Depending on your age and circumstances, going back to a traditional high school may not be your best choice. Teenagers who complete rehab might consider entering high school again, but even for young people, doing so is fraught with risks. Temptations might be too great. For some teens and young adults, an alternative high school may be a possibility. Some districts offer alternative high schools that welcome and cater to the needs of students who are in recovery from addiction.

If you are past the age of going to a high school, or the idea of going back to one seems wrong or impractical, there is another option. You can get your high school equivalency certificate, which is essentially the same as a diploma. Often referred to as a GED, you earn an equivalency certificate by passing a set of five General Educational Development tests.

What Are The GED Tests Like?

The five sections of the GED test include two on language arts, one on reading and one on writing. For these sections you must read and interpret passages and write essays. For the third section, on social studies, you must demonstrate knowledge of government, geography, economics and history. For the math section, you need to know about basic math, statistics, geometry and algebra. Finally, in the science section of the test you need to know the basics of biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy and earth science. To pass the test you must score a minimum of 450 points out of 800 on each section.

How Can I Prepare For The GED?

Registering for the test is simple. Getting ready to pass the five sections is more difficult. You can look into your local community center and find out if they offer classes for adults trying to pass the GED. These can be helpful if you missed a lot of time in high school, or if it has been many years since you were in school. If you are motivated and feel confident in your abilities, you can find study guides and work on your own toward passing the test. Another option is to engage the services of a tutor who can help you learn the important concepts.

However you choose to do so, finishing high school is an important step to take. In battling and overcoming your addiction you have already faced one of the most difficult challenges in your life. Going back to school should be a lot easier in comparison. With that diploma or equivalency you can hold your head high knowing that you have completed your education. You might even be ready to move on to a college degree.

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