Frightening Facts About Drugs In School -

The Scary Facts About Drugs In School

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Facts about teens doing drugs are frightening, especially for parents. Teen drug use rates are high and consequences of this experimentation are serious. Drug use can disrupt the developing teen brain and cause lasting damage as well as an increased risk for eventually becoming an addict. Drug use can also lead to academic problems, trouble with the law, accidents, injuries and assaults. Drug use in school happens, but it can also be prevented. Parental intervention is the most important factor.

Know the facts and talk to your teen about drugs.

Drug Use In High School

More than half of all 12th graders have tried at least one kind of drug. The most popular substance of abuse is marijuana, but as a group, prescriptions are most commonly abused by students. Teens are also abusing inhalants, synthetic marijuana, hallucinogens, MDMA and over-the-counter cold medicines at significant rates. These drugs are in schools too. More than half of students in high school report that drugs are used and stored in school.

Prescriptions In Schools

When it comes to drugs in school, facts tell us that one of the most troubling trends is the abuse of prescription drugs. Narcotic painkillers and ADHD medications are most popular, and teens use them for various reasons. They have become popular mostly because of access. Teens are able to get most prescriptions from friends or family members. Another issue is perceived harm. Most teens fail to realize just how dangerous and risky it can be to abuse medications. Adderall, an ADHD drug, is the second most commonly abused substance in high school seniors, and Vicodin, a painkiller, is fourth.

Teens And Marijuana

Marijuana has always been one of the most common substances of abuse for teens. Part of the reason for this is the perception that marijuana is not a serious or hard drug and that there is little risk associated with using it. According to the most recent Monitoring the Future Survey from the University of Michigan, this perception has only increased. Perhaps blame can be placed on legislation that has legalized medical and recreational use of marijuana in several states. Whatever the cause, its perceived harm among teens is lower than ever.

Thirty-five percent of high school seniors reported using marijuana at least once in the last year when surveyed. Nearly 12 percent of eighth graders reported the same. Even greater percentages of students have tried marijuana at least once in their lives, and it represents the most commonly abused illicit drug among students at all grade levels.

Your Teen Is Not Exempt From Using Drugs – Talk To Your Teen About Drugs & Alcohol Now

High school drug use statistics are scary but important. As the parent of a teen, it is necessary to know what is going on at school as well as outside of school. Assuming that your teen doesn’t use drugs is a dangerous way to think. Talk to your teen about drugs and how using them is unacceptable. By doing so, you can influence your teen to make the right choices about drugs.

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