Teens Are Turning To Adderall For Weight Loss

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An unhealthy body image has more and more teen girls turning to a powerful prescription drug – Adderall.

The intended use of the drug is to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), however, its side effects are becoming popular. Adderall is known to cause moderate to severe weight loss. This is why it is becoming such a sought after pill for many teens.

At least one in every eight teens in the United States claimed to use Adderall and Ritalin to lose weight. But one organization hopes to reclaim these young girls’ outlook and boost their confidence. Girls on the Run focuses on healthy lifestyles and self-respect through interactive curriculum. The non-profit program works to steer preteen girls away from needing to look like their favorite celebrity or who they see on magazine covers.

Personal Story

A recent article talks about one girl’s journey with Adderall. Unlike many of her peers, Nicole Bjorklund didn’t want, or need, to lose weight. The then 10 year old said she was struggling in school when her parents turned to doctors who prescribed Adderall.

The prescription drug took effect immediately. Nicole was once finding it difficult to sit through class, fidgeting and talking fast and out of turn. Homework was her worst nightmare and things that came easily to her classmates didn’t for her. Adderall was a great tool to help Nicole succeed at school.

But with the benefits came the unwanted side effects of the drug. Nicole almost immediately noticed she was losing weight. At first it was just a few pounds but over time she began losing more weight and it altered her appearance.

While Nicole is one of the many teens taking Adderall for the right reasons, other teens are catching on to her plight and turning to it for their weight loss solutions.

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