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Teens And Steroid Abuse – Side Effects Of Abusing Steroids

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There are many different kinds of drugs abused by teens. The facts of teenage drug abuse are surprising and disturbing to most adults, but the truth is important to hear. If you are the parent of a teen, you need to be aware of the issue of teen drug abuse. What many parents fail to consider is the possibility of steroid abuse. We mostly think of teens as experimenting with alcohol, cigarettes, and maybe marijuana. Student athletes are under great pressure and sometimes turn to steroids for better performance.

What Are Steroids?

The term “steroids” usually refers to anabolic and anabolic-androgenic steroids. These are synthetic drugs that are designed to mimic testosterone, a natural hormone. Doctors can prescribe these drugs for men who don’t produce enough testosterone, or to treat certain medical conditions. Steroids are never prescribed to help an otherwise healthy young person build muscle. However, this is why most teens abuse steroids. Using steroids without a valid prescription is illegal.

Are Teens Really Abusing Steroids?

While most teens do not resort to using steroids, some do so in order to build muscle and perform better in athletic events. When it comes to steroids, teen peer pressure can be powerful. For a young man who struggles to build muscles, it can seem like an easy and obvious way to bulk up and develop more self-esteem. According to statistics, around two percent of high school seniors have abused steroids. Several professional athletes have been caught using steroids to enhance performance, which sends a bad message to these easily-influenced student athletes.

What Are The Side Effects Of Abusing Steroids?

Using steroids without a prescription is not just illegal; it’s also dangerous. Steroids can be especially harmful to young people whose bodies are still developing. These drugs can cause stunted growth by accelerating the changes caused by natural puberty. Steroids use can also lead to liver damage, kidney failure, an enlarged heart, elevated blood pressure and heart attack and stroke.

There are also steroid side effects that impact males and females differently. Young men taking steroids can experience baldness, breast development, an increased risk of prostate cancer and infertility. Young women may grow facial hair, develop bald patterns, lose or skip menstruation and have a deeper voice, which may be permanent. Both males and females may also experience serious mood swings, aggression and violent behaviors from taking steroids.

Don’t Assume Your Teen Isn’t Or Wouldn’t Use Drugs – Talk To Them Today!

Drug abuse in schools and among teenagers is a real and serious problem. It’s easy to assume that your child would never abuse drugs. Just because they are a good student, well-behaved and respectful, or a successful athlete, does not mean that you can eliminate the possibility of drug abuse. Be aware of what your child is doing and how they are behaving. If you suspect any kind of drug abuse, take action and find out the truth before it is too late.

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