Teens Developing a Taste for Bud Light

Teens Developing a Taste for Bud Light

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It’s no secret that it’s considered “cool” to drink alcohol among certain teens. Those who demonstrate they can do it well generally garner the admiration of their peers. The same group is also likely to develop the problems anti-drinking campaigns among teens aim to prevent.

Among these individuals who take to the bottle at a young age, a relatively small number of brands tend to dominate consumption.

A report from the Boston University School of Public Health featured in a Science Daily release showed that nearly half of all youth consumption is spread among the top 25 brands. By contrast, adult consumption is spread among the different brands nearly twice as widely.

The Beers And Liquor That Teens Prefer Most

Bud Light seems to be the reigning brand with teens as nearly 30 percent of underage drinkers report sampling it within the past month. Another 17 percent selected a Smirnoff malt beverage and 15 percent reported the consumption of Budweiser. Smirnoff vodkas and Coors Light shared 12.7 percent of drinkers, while Jack Daniel’s bourbon claimed 11.4 percent and Corona Extra took 11.3 percent. The Mike’s line of malt beverages was preferred among 10.8 percent, with Captain Morgan Rums and Absolut Vodkas taking up the rear at 10.4 percent and 10.1 percent, respectively.

Identifying Dangers Of Alcohol Advertising And Underage Drinking

Now that researchers know the brands teens are consuming, they can begin to explore the relationship between exposure to alcohol advertising and the current marketing methods in place. As the substance is responsible for the deaths of 4,700 individuals per year under the age of 21, it’s critical for researchers to identify the connection between brands, first exposure and continued drinking before the legal age.

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