Teen Sexting - Are There Different Effects For Black, Hispanic Groups

Teen Sexting: Are There Different Effects For Black, Hispanic Groups?

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Experts are asking the question: does sexting have different consequences or a different effect for teens of one race over another?

New research in the area of sexting and demographics specifically looks at whether or not teens of the black or Hispanic nationality have a different experience with sexting, and if the ramifications of sexting may mean different things across races.

Findings from a study prepared by the Health Science Center at the University of Texas, Houston, looked at more than 1,000 Texas high school students in the tenth grade who were either black or Hispanic.

Sexting Behaviors Among Teens

Study researchers are quoted in a recent NBC News article on the frequency of sexting among minority teens. The findings seemed to be close to existing research on sexting, especially in terms of prevalence. Around one-fifth of participants said they had engaged in sexting behaviors by sending images to someone else. About one-third said they had gotten sexual messages on their phones.

The research, however, has prompted some experts to state that the ethnicity of a teen who is involved in sexting may not be an issue of importance. Instead, they want to see more work to help teens understand how to share non-violent or non-threatening sexual information and messages. Others want to learn more about how ethnic groups differ in sexting patterns, and if the teens’ habits and beliefs later in life are also affected.

Sexting And Cyberbullying

One consequence of teen sexting often noted by experts is the risk for cyber bullying or other crimes related to bullying, because the photos can easily be shared multiple times for years to come. Other studies have noted that many teens report feeling pressured by peers to participate in sexting against their wishes and that teens who sext may have a much higher likelihood of engaging in real-world sexual acts.

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