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Teen Drug Facts And Dangers – What You Need To Know

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Knowledge is power and in few situations is that truth more powerful than when it comes to teens and drugs. Teenagers always want to experiment and take risks, but when it comes to drugs those risks can have consequences that last a lifetime. Teen drug abuse is more common than most parents might think. If you have teens or even pre-teens, now is the time to learn about drugs and to teach your children the facts. Armed with knowledge, they will be empowered to make better choices.

Teens Need To Know The Truth

Teenagers sometimes make bad choices, but they don’t do it because they’re stupid. Teens are hard-wired to take risks. It’s a part of growing up. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are many more dangers and bad choices that can be made than ever before, especially when it comes to drugs.

People who grow, manufacture, and sell drugs do their best to market to young people and get them hooked early. They also create products that are potent. Drugs like marijuana have evolved from what they were like even a generation ago. They are stronger and often contaminated. Teens need to be given the truth about these substances so that they can make better choices and take risks that are appropriate and not life threatening. Facts about drugs is a good place to start.

Teens Are Using Drugs

Before parents can help their teens learn the truth about drugs and their hazards they need to find out a truth as well. Most parents don’t realize just how many teens are using and abusing drugs. Drug use statistics in teenagers tell us that more than 60 percent of teens know that drugs are on the premises in their high schools. Students are using and selling drugs right under the noses of teachers and other adults.

Parents might also be surprised at which drugs teens are using. Marijuana use may not come as a shock, but the fact that 15 percent of eighth graders have smoked pot might. By senior year of high school, that number rises to nearly half. Teens are also abusing prescription drugs in alarming numbers. Sixty-four percent of teenagers say they have abused prescription painkillers that they were not prescribed. Today more teens die from prescription drugs than cocaine or heroin combined.

Educate Your Teens About The Dangers Of Drugs

Substance abuse in high school and middle school is a serious problem. When teens abuse drugs they are putting their futures at risk. With parents and other responsible adults lies the responsibility of educating young people of the dangers of drugs. Talking to teens about drugs and their risks reduces the likelihood that they will use them by a whopping 42 percent. It is such a simple way to prevent drug abuse and all the consequences that come with it. Talk to your teens about the facts of drug use and give them the power to make good decisions.

Find Out How To Protect Your Teen From Prescription Drug Abuse

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