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Study Drugs: The Dark Truth About Adderall

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For a lot of parents whose kids are in school, the focus is keeping them away from drugs and staying tuned in to getting good grades. But traditionally the drugs receiving the most attention don’t include so-called study drugs like Adderall.

Good Students Using Adderall?

In fact, it’s easy to ignore the overachieving students and just let them do their thing because they’re bringing home good reports.

One University of Massachusetts Boston student, Steven Roderick, says he sought Adderall, which flowed like milk and honey across campus, after failing to even engage in courses that interested him. The results were nothing short of a miracle – he went from a D and F student to all A’s.

The only problem was he needed more and more of the drug to function, and along with all the benefits came some nasty side effects like Adderall pills sell for a meager $2 to $5 each, a small price to pay when one is trying to stay awake for finals or working to clinch a spot at the top of the class.

Side Effects Of Adderall

With availability not a problem, students can easily get their hands on a class 2 controlled substance on equal par with cocaine without fully having to consider the long-term risks. Side effects include extreme anxiety, insomnia, depression, and increased tolerance of the drug.

For students like Roderick, the Adderall resulted in sleep deprivation, which led to a prescription for Ativan. Soon, he found himself cycling back and forth between the two – his doctor was just an order-taker throughout the process and never bothered following up.

The backlash from the two drugs finally left him nearly debilitated, sleeping for days and facing the grim possibility of withdrawing from school just three credits shy of a degree.

Adderall – Fast Track To Destruction and Dependency

Roderick highlights the dangers of Adderall: unlike other drugs, you aren’t aware that you may be on the path to destruction. Quite the contrary, most take the drug thinking it will help them reach their goals, not destroy them.

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