The Secret Drinker Hides Addiction Well

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Ethanol is a tiny molecule that’s part of every alcoholic cocktail, brew, wine and whiskey. The effects of the ethanol are what some drinkers seek as they partake in an alcoholic beverage, while others drink for the taste. Regardless of the reason, some find themselves hiding their alcohol consumption as it grows out of control.

Ethanol is the active ingredient in alcohol that puts us in a good mood, lightens our spirits and loosens our tongues. But it also can have a negative effect as it can slur our speech, cause us to do harmful things and lead us to hurt those we love and cherish.

“High Functioning” Alcoholic

The stereotypical alcoholic that stumbles down the street and says inappropriate or unintelligible things that eventually land him in jail is not nearly as common as the “high functioning” alcoholic that makes it to work on time but is battling a demon, silently and alone.

These alcoholics conceal their usage as they maintain their relationships and figures and outward appearances of normalcy. But their intake of alcohol is many times what doctors would consider healthy. These are the folks who may never appear to be struggling with an addiction, but locked inside is a person drowning in depression, anxiety or any number of problems that play a part in their abuse of alcohol.

Way Of Life

For the regular drinker, a hangover is a painful reminder of their night of overindulgence. Toxins created by the body as it processes the alcohol cause a painful cocktail of their own. For alcoholics, this feeling can become a normal part of life. But years of abuse will eventually show up, whether it’s a mental breakdown or in physical health problems, secret alcohol abuse can have both short term and long term effects.

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