Products Being Marketed With Drug Culture Themes

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Candy cigarettes are a thing of the past, but not before being available to children for decades. As the perception of smoking gradually changed, the idea of putting candy in the form of cigarettes and in the hands and mouths of babes became unpalatable.

But there is a new marketing scheme making its way to the 18 to 24 year-olds and it’s drawing some criticism from those in the health care community.

There is already a problem with drinking in this age group – kids experiencing freedom for the first time in their lives, whether it’s at college or joining the workforce and leaving home. This demographic is now finding that their favorite shots come not only in a plain shot glass, but also in a vessel the shape of a syringe with a plunger that pushes the intoxicating elixir down the hatch.

Criticism & Poor Taste

Critics of this method of delivery say it is putting a serious problem in front of another. Prescription drug use has grown to epidemic proportions, and marketing items like pint glasses, shot glasses and flasks to look like syringes and prescription containers is simply in poor taste.

Regardless of what critics are saying, the items are in high demand. The flask, for instance, is backordered until next month. Urban Outfitters, the company offering these items, isn’t a stranger to controversy. It had a line of t-shirts recently that got them in hot water with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The edgy t-shirts were very pro-drinking with sayings such as “Vote for Vodka,” “USA Drinking Team” and “Drink Before U Think.”

While the company is trying to convey some irony and a little tongue-in-cheek humor, with so many Americans affected by prescription drug abuse, many are finding the products to be no laughing matter.

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