Parents Support Legalized Marijuana Concerned About Protecting Youth

Why Are Parents Who Support Legalized Marijuana Concerned About Protecting Youth?

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Colorado and Washington have decided to legalize marijuana use, but that decision brings a host of other questions to be answered: How to test for and deal with marijuana-impaired drivers? Who can sell marijuana and where? Where will it be okay for people to smoke marijuana? What about marijuana advertising? A national survey shows that even when people support legalization, they have strong opinions about protecting young people from the drug.

Parents In Favor Of Tight Regulations On Marijuana’s Availability To Minors

The Partnership at conducted a national survey and found that parents who are pro-legalization are still in favor of tight regulations on marijuana’s availability to minors. According to the survey, as many as 40 percent of American adults support legalization, but a majority of that number expect states to treat pot like alcohol in terms of restricted availability. Even parents who are pro-pot have concerns about the risks of its use by kids and teens.

The survey helped to define a few of the terms being thrown around by marijuana advocates.  For example:

  • Medical marijuana means that the drug is only available via licensed medical providers, and only available to the individuals that have a physician’s recommendation. Seventy percent of adults are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana according to the survey.
  • Decriminalization means that laws are constructed to treat marijuana possession or use just like traffic violations. This means that the offender received warnings without the risk of jail time. Around 50 percent of Americans are in favor of decriminalization.
  • Legalization, which was passed in Colorado and Washington, make it possible for anyone of legal age to use, buy or sell marijuana. Forty percent of adults are in favor of legalization.

Americans Want Marijuana Treated Like Tobacco And Their Kids Protected

Even though Americans seem to be swayed toward more openness about marijuana use, the survey says that most Americans don’t want people smoking it out in public. In Colorado, 92 percent of residents felt that marijuana should be treated like tobacco and not be allowed in public spaces. In Washington that number is 96 percent.

Parents, including those who have used marijuana themselves, have great concern about the risks of marijuana use on still-developing kids and teens. Not only do they expect the state authorities to keep kids away from marijuana, they don’t want any public promotion of the drug, either. More than 80 percent of parents say they don’t want any form of marijuana advertising to be permitted.

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