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Media’s Sexualization Of Even Younger Teens

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Sex, sex and more sex – it’s the hot topic appearing across magazines geared toward teens, movies and fashion. The message, experts fear, is that girls as young as 12 will be encouraged to experiment with sex in an effort to be like the celebrities they adore. A recent Seventeen magazine article that promotes the movie “Spring Breakers” is bringing even more attention on the topic of teens and sex, including backlash for the risqué content seemingly promoted by actress Ashley Benson.

Promotion Of Sex In The Media

Benson’s character in “Spring Breakers” is involved in three-way sex and the movie also contains numerous other sexual images. Because Seventeen magazine has a target audience of girls in the 12 to 17 age bracket, experts say the content of the movie and the magazine may be sending young girls the message to have sex at a very young age. Images and stories involving sex are appearing more and more often in movies, magazines and fashion that are geared toward young girls.

Referred to as sexualization of girls, the message teens may be receiving is to treat sex like drugs. They may be encouraged to use it for an escape, for recreation, for joining in with peers – with the consequences ranging from depression and cyberbulling, (i.e. sexual images shared online for years) and negative shifts in belief toward sex that last well into adulthood and impact relationships.

Dangers Of Sexting

The sexualization of teen girls also reflects rising trends in teen sexting. Recent research on teen sexting suggests that many teens feel pressured or bullied into participating in these activities, and that more girls may believe their bodies are merely sexual objects. Others do not realize the consequences, nor do many parents – including a risk for engaging with adults online in sexual image sharing; a higher likelihood of real-world sexual encounters at early ages; and the possibility of facing child pornography charges for acts related to sexting.

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