Marijuana Use Effects On College Academic Performance, Future Success

How Does Marijuana Use Affect Academic Performance And Future Success Of College Students?

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People don’t need a college diploma to know that substance use is not a healthy university habit. Time spent drinking alcohol and using drugs and time spent recovering from the effects of those drugs not only takes away from study time, but hurts the body in the process. Recently, the University of Maryland School of Public Health specifically targeted how marijuana use was hurting college students’ academic scores and graduation rate and hurting their chance of having successful employment after graduation.

A study in 2011 revealed that 33 percent of college students had used marijuana at least once in that year. Researchers were eager to reveal just how that use affected those students. University of Maryland researchers studied the substance use of 1,200 freshmen over ten years to gather their data.

Even Occasional Marijuana Use Increases Likelihood Of Dropping Out Of College

Researchers found that students who used marijuana, both frequently and occasionally, had academic problems. The more a student smoked, the worse their academic outcome. Students who smoked marijuana over 15 times a month dropped out of college twice as much as those who used marijuana about two times a month. Even those who used marijuana only a few times a month were 66 percent more likely to be discontinuously enrolled than those who used marijuana less.

Marijuana doesn’t build brain cells. One study revealed that chronically using marijuana can lower IQ scores by as much as eight points. Because its use is known to interfere with concentration, memory, and paying close attention, it makes it more difficult to study and retain information.

Researchers found that those students who used marijuana in college were more likely to do the following:

  • Skip classes
  • Drop out of school
  • Study less
  • Earn lower grades
  • Fail to find or keep employment

Consequences Of Getting Caught Using Marijuana On Campus

For those students who were caught using drugs and convicted of a drug charge, they can lose the financial support they need to keep attending classes. The Higher Education Act states that if a student is convicted they will become ineligible to receive federal financial aid or student loans. They will also be restricted from involvement in a work-study program.

Marijuana Use Affecting Future Success

Studying the effects of marijuana use on college students throughout their post-graduate years will mostly likely accelerate in the coming years. Researchers speculate that because of the recent legalization of marijuana in a few states, much more research will continue in how its use could hamper someone’s academic career and future professional career.

Students must make wise choices as to which academic program to study, which classes to take, and which extracurricular activities will help them achieve their goals in future success. Wise choices in how they take care of their body are just as important during this time.

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