Marijuana, Leading Illegal Substance - Now In Candy Form

Marijuana, Leading Illegal Substance – Now In Candy Form

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A few states have made medical marijuana use legal within their borders. Other states, namely Colorado and Washington, have opened the door further by making marijuana legal as a recreational drug.  The drug is now also making its way all around the country and in harder to detect forms.

Hiding marijuana is nothing new of course. A generation ago, young people were baking pot into brownies. Today, dealers are making it into hard candies known as weed candy.

Police and law enforcement agents believe that most of the weed candy is being made in the states where marijuana is legal and then sent through the mail to users in states where marijuana use is still prohibited. Sometimes the candy is rather inexpertly wrapped in plastic. Other times it looks just like real candy bars or Jolly Ranchers hard candy.

Marijuana – Leading Illegal Substance Among Kids

In Indiana, police say marijuana use is the leading illegal substance problem among kids. Kids as young as middle school are becoming involved with pot. Reports in Indiana papers say that as early as the 8th grade, 17 percent of students say they have tried it. By the 12th grade, half of students admit they’ve used marijuana. More kids are using it than ever before and they are becoming cleverer about hiding their use.

Part of the problem is that impaired driving is on the rise where marijuana use is increasing.  Another concern however is the fact that with early use, the risk for later addiction is much higher. Weed candy is a signal that more kids are determined to use the drug. This is creating more dangers in the present and foreshadowing other dangers down the road.

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