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Liquid Pot: The Latest Synthetic Drug Harming Teens

Apr 28 • Synthetic Drug Use • 13375 Views • Comments Off on Liquid Pot: The Latest Synthetic Drug Harming Teens

Synthetic marijuana has been a troubling drug in the marketplace for years, but now there is a liquid form that could pose an even greater danger than the previous “herbal” blends. Synthetic marijuana liquid is a particularly troubling form of pot because it is impossible to know exactly what is in it and people can conceal it by vaping. E-cigarettes do not give off smoke or odor, which means users can get away with vaping liquid synthetic marijuana out in the open.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic pot first came on the scene several years ago and was sold legally as potpourri or incense with catchy names like K2 and Spice. The makers of these products created synthetic compounds similar to natural cannabinoids, the psychoactive compounds found in marijuana. Lawmakers have struggled to keep up with outlawing the products, as once a single compound is made illegal the drug makers simply design a new one.


For years there has been a back-and-forth battle to get these dangerous products out of the hands of teens. They are particularly dangerous because the exact chemical makeup of any one product is never certain and they have been known to cause:

  • severe anxiety
  • high blood pressure
  • hallucinations
  • psychosis
  • suicidal thoughts
  • and even death in users

Liquid Synthetic Pot

The original synthetic marijuana products looked like marijuana. The makers of these products use a random blend of dried plant material and then spray it with synthetic compounds. Users smoke it like they would natural marijuana. Liquid solutions of the synthetic compounds are now being sold, officially as herbal incense, but really as a way to get high using e-cigarettes. Vaping with e-cigarettes involves heating a cartridge of liquid and inhaling the resulting vapor. The user exhales mostly water vapor and there is no odor or smoke. E-cigarettes are supposed to contain liquid vials with dissolved nicotine, but they can be easily replaced with liquid synthetic marijuana.

Dangers Of Liquid Synthetic Pot

There are two main dangers of this new form of synthetic pot.

  • The first is that it is more potent than the dried plant material version of synthetic marijuana. Users report getting intense highs very quickly when using liquid synthetic marijuana. Young people abusing this liquid form could inhale much more than they intended to without realizing it until it is too late.
  • The other danger of using liquid marijuana for e-cigs is that it can be easily concealed. Someone could be getting high outside in public. This makes it easier for teens to use synthetic marijuana without their parents or other adults knowing it.

Law Enforcement And Parents Must Work Together To Overcome Teen Synthetic Marijuana Abuse

Law enforcement agencies and lawmakers are already scrambling to outlaw the latest synthetic marijuana, but it is tough to keep up with a changing market. Parents must take responsibility for educating their teens and for being aware of what they are doing. If you find a small, mysterious vial of liquid in your teen’s room, be concerned and don’t hesitate to investigate.

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