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How To Enjoy Spring Break While Abstaining From Casual Sex

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Spring break is usually thought of as a time to let loose and have fun. If you’re like many college students, you’re eagerly looking forward to this week of being able to travel to a new location where you can shed your identity and have new and memorable experiences. It’s a time students typically want to pursue complete hedonism, including excessive indulgences in alcohol and sex.

These indulgences often include sexual encounters with strangers. You may get caught up in the freedom and excitement of this time. You might also get caught up in the pressure from your peers to party as heartily as they are.

Dangers Of Casual Unprotected Sex

Indulging in casual, unprotected sex sounds like simply enjoying the moment, but there can be serious and permanent consequences to this behavior. The attractive stranger that you choose to go home with could be carrying a sexually transmitted disease that could impact you for the rest of your life. Many people on spring break have multiple sex partners. Having sex with these people is like having sex with all of their partners. Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia are fairly common among college-age students, and untreated STDs can have serious consequences, including infertility. Many STDs have dormant periods where signs cannot be visually seen, but you can still catch the STD during this time.

The stranger you run off with could also be a psychopath or a serial killer. Although you probably believe you’ll never be the victim of an attack, any time you choose to go home with a stranger you are putting yourself in harm’s way. It’s impossible to tell who is dangerous just by looking at him or her, and often serial killers are attractive and charismatic.

Murder and kidnapping are extreme examples of the consequences of casual sex. There are also emotional dangers. There is the danger that deep down, you aren’t really looking for a one-night stand, but hoping for something more. If you think you’re going to connect with a soul mate in this type of environment, you’re probably wrong. If you make yourself emotionally vulnerable to someone who only wants a one-night stand, in the morning you’ll have to deal with heartbreak, disappointment and shame.

Expectations: Personal And Social

Society continually promotes the message that you have to be sexually active or romantically involved to be fulfilled. This promotes a drive to look for someone outside yourself to make you feel whole. During spring break in particular, there may be a lot of peer pressure to participate in hedonistic activities.

There are also personal expectations about what should happen during spring break. On a personal level, there is often an underlying drive to prove that you are sexually attractive or desirable. You may have an even deeper drive to be connected to someone at all times. If you have this compelling drive for connection, you may be a love addict, and your expectations of the people you interact with may go far beyond what you’ll get from a detached encounter such as a one-night stand. Giving in to a momentary fling may lead to deep feelings of vulnerability or shame.

How To Have Fun On Spring Break Without Fear Or Regret

Even though you are surrounded by a ton of peer pressure where everyone is partying and half-naked, it’s possible to enjoy spring break without participating in casual, unprotected sex. One thing to keep in mind is that heavy drinking or dabbling in street drugs are often factors in casual sex and other risky and dangerous situations. Using mind-altering substances, including alcohol, can result in poor judgment.

Consider what you’re really looking for when you turn to alcohol, drugs or sex. You may be trying to fill an inner emptiness that can’t be satiated by reaching for something outside yourself. Instead, look for ways to enjoy your break without overindulging in behaviors that will make you hate yourself in the morning. Enjoy the sun, the surf and the sights.

Experience and enjoy new places, exotic foods and an interesting environment, but decide ahead of time that you’re going to have fun without doing anything you might regret. Remember that you will have to live with whatever choices you make and actions you take during spring break. Have fun, but don’t set yourself up for regret.

You Are Worth More Than This Fleeting Moment – Treat Yourself Like It!

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