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High School Students Are Using Drugs At Alarming Rates

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Drug use and addiction are problems that affect everyone across the U.S. No one is immune from the dangers of substance abuse and addiction, including young people. Teenage drug use statistics demonstrate that high school students are using drugs at rates thatshould terrify parents. If you are the parent of a teen, you can’t close your eyes to the very real problem of substance abuse. Learn the facts and talk to your kids. Tell them what the dangers are when it comes to drug use and the kinds of choices you expect them to make.

High School Students’ Drug Use

Teen Alcohol And Marijuana Use

Teen alcohol abuse is the major problem in terms of substance abuse. Nearly a third of eighth graders have already experimented with drinking, and by the time they get to their senior year of high school almost three quarters have tried alcohol. When it comes to drugs, though, marijuana is number one. Fifteen percent of young people have tried it before they even get to high school. Nearly half of all high school seniors have smoked pot.

Drug addiction statistics show that people who start using marijuana at a young age are far more likely to become addicted in the future and to try other kinds of drugs. Attitudes are often lax about marijuana, but as a parent you should be vigilant about this drug. It is dangerous and it is common. Young people are also using synthetic marijuana products, which can be even more harmful. More than 10 percent of high school seniors have tried these.

Prescription Drug Abuse In High School

Another serious problem with drugs in high school is the abuse of prescriptions. The most commonly abused types of prescription drugs are narcotic painkillers and ADHD medications. A whopping 64 percent of high school students have used prescription painkillers and they report having gotten them from a friend or family member. ADHD medications like Adderall are attractive to teens that want to get good grades. They see these drugs as study aids and nearly 8 percent have used them that way.

Teen Heroin Use Rising

While prescription painkillers have been a popular drug of abuse in high school, they are now harder to get and more expensive. Teens are turning to heroin, which is similar but easier to get and cheap. The entire country is seeing an epidemic of heroin addiction, and high school students are a part of it. More and more teens are getting hooked on this serious and deadly drug.

Substance abuse in high school is not a problem to be ignored. If you think your teen would never use drugs, you could be wrong and being wrong could be deadly. Statistics show that most parents never talk to their teens about drugs. We also know that teens whose parents do take the time to have the talk are far more likely to avoid using drugs or drinking alcohol. Have that talk today.

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