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Facts About Substance Abuse To Help You Talk To Your Teen

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You want your teen to be safe, and part of that is teaching him to make good choices about drugs and alcohol. You have peer pressure working against you, a powerful force, but as a parent you still have the upper hand. The best thing you can do to encourage your teen to make the right choices is to talk to him about it. A mere 25 percent of teens say that their parents have talked to them about drugs or drinking, but teen drug abuse facts show that just by having this conversation you can reduce your teen’s chances of substance abuse by 42 percent.

When you have a conversation with your teen about drugs and alcohol, you don’t need to dress it up or invent scary stories. The stats on teenage drug use and drinking are frightening enough by themselves. Be honest, be straightforward and share the facts with your teen. He will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you are talking to him like an adult.

Substance Abuse Facts To Help Your Teen

Here are some of the important substance abuse facts to share:

  • The teenage brain is still developing, and using drugs or alcohol during this critical development can cause lifelong damage. It can make a teen more susceptible to addiction, have a more difficult time in school and can even lower IQ permanently.
  • Prescription drug use in high school can be just as dangerous as using illegal drugs. Too many teens don’t realize that prescription drugs are harmful when abused. More than half of all high school students have abused a narcotic prescription painkiller. These drugs are extremely addictive and often lead to heroin abuse. Not everyone comes back alive from a heroin habit. And no one ever thinks they will become an addict…until they do.
  • About one quarter of all teens who try smoking will become addicted and will start up a daily smoking habit. Half of these will die because of smoking cigarettes.
  • People who start drinking by the age of 15 are up to five times more likely to become alcoholics than those who didn’t have their first drink until they were of legal drinking age.
  • Teens that drink alcohol are more likely than their non-drinking peers to engage in self-harm. This includes cutting and suicide attempts.
  • The top three causes of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24 are car crashes, homicides and suicides. Alcohol is the number one factor in these types of deaths.

Take Talking To Your Kids About Making The Right Choices About Drugs And Alcohol Seriously

Teenage drinking statistics and facts about smoking and using drugs are frightening. As a parent they must terrify you, but by sharing them with your teen you are educating him about the risks. You are also empowering him to make the right choices when you aren’t there to counsel him. If more parents talked seriously to their teens about drugs and alcohol, more lives would be saved every day.

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