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The Dangers Of Alcohol Consumption: A Message Kids Need To Hear

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A new community outreach program in the United Kingdom is making headlines with its innovative approach to alcohol awareness. Called The Safety Crew Initiative, the program is a traveling workshop that goes from school to school to help kids understand the dangers of drinking.

In addition to explaining to children about what alcohol does to the body, part of the program allows children to actually feel some of the effects of alcohol. Special “beer goggles” demonstrate the visual distortion and confusion brought on by drinking.

After learning about and experiencing some of the effects of alcohol, kids are invited to take an up-close look at a human liver pickled by alcohol. The sight makes an impact.

Through as many mediums and senses as possible The Safety Crew Initiative seeks to warn children about the dangers of society’s favorite drug.

Among The Many Dangers Of Alcohol, Presenters Talk With Kids About:


Alcohol is a highly addictive substance. Every time a person drinks, the body is building up a tolerance to alcohol, and soon a person needs more alcohol in order to get the same sensations. Addiction to alcohol causes problems in relationships, finances and job or school performance.

Harmful To Themselves

Drinking too much or drinking before they are of legal age hurts the person who drinks. Heavy drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, liver damage or hepatitis.

Harmful To Others

Drinking can endanger others. A person who over-drinks is more likely to be involved in a car accident, and drinking increases a person’s likelihood of exhibiting anti-social behavior. Violence and crime are associated with heavy drinking.

Learn About The Other Risks Of Teen Drinking

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