Coricidin aka Skittles – Street Drugs Named After Candy Are Increasingly Abused By Teens

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Perhaps its resemblance to the Skittles candy is what earned Coricidin its street, slang name, but it’s far from candy.

Coricidin, also called Triple C and Red Devils, is finding its way into the hands of teenagers who want to experiment with drugs.  Users say they feel drunk and tipsy when they’re on it. Some health officials say the drug is an epidemic just around the corner while others say it’s already here.

Coricidin is being used in higher doses than what is advised by doctors (most often prescribed to battle cough and high blood pressure) by teens that want to feel the hallucinogenic effects of the dextramethrophan, which is one of the chemicals in the drug. Feelings of euphoria keep users coming back for more, but it’s dangerous.

Chemicals In Coricidin And Permanent Organ Damage

The liver can only process a small amount of the drug, and if too much is ingested at one time; it becomes toxic to the body and can result in death. With frequent use, users have to take more to achieve the desired effects. Some end up taking 30 plus pills to get the high they used to achieve off of less than 10 pills. But some of the chemicals in the drug build up in the body and can cause permanent liver and kidney damage.

Most users report feeling woozy when they take Coricidin, but some will lose balance and fall, some will take too much and have seizures and risk falling into a coma. This is happening to kids as young as 13.

Coricidin Easier For Teens To Purchase

These pills can be bought over the counter and aren’t tracked the same way that pills containing pseudoephedrine are tracked by the government, which means it’s easier for teens to get massive quantities of it and put themselves at risk of dangerous side effects.

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