College Students Struggle With Drunkorexia | Saving Calories To Drink

College Students Struggle With Drunkorexia

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Americans know how to have a good time and for many little gets in the way of a happy hour or night on the town. Americans are also extremely conscious of their appearance, so much so that they invest $60 billion a year in diet products to try to look fit and trim. But how does one balance a high-calorie, high-carbohydrates party lifestyle with staying trim? Drunkorexia.

It’s a term health officials and researchers have come up with to describe how many college-aged Americans skip meals and save their calories for drinking. Drunkorexia is not actually a formal term used by health professionals, but they are certainly familiar with the side effects of drinking calories in the form of alcohol in place of nutritious meals.

Relationship Between Binge Drinking, Dieting And Working Out

The Journal of American College Health published an expansive report on the issue last year, studying students at 40 universities. The relationship between binge drinking, dieting and working out proved interesting. Students who took measures to stay fit were also about 20 percent more likely to binge drink (indulge in five or more drinks in one sitting). A more disarming statistic shows that more than 75 percent of students who take drastic measure to control their weight by purging their food or through taking laxatives were also binge drinkers.

Drunkorexia Is Dangerous On Many Levels

A glaring problem with this behavior is that people who drink on empty stomachs are more likely to feel the effects of the alcohol to a more drastic degree. These people are also more likely to engage in acts that they wouldn’t otherwise find themselves in, such as having unprotected sex or passing out and suffering from alcohol poisoning. These people are at risk for gastrointestinal issues as well as driving offenses and a higher rate of accidents – vehicular or otherwise.

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