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Can You Now ‘Smoke’ Liquid Synthetic Marijuana In E-Cigs?

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Synthetic marijuana is a lab-made imitation of psychoactive compounds found naturally in the cannabis plant. Synthetic products have been around for years and have caused controversy when legally sold as products called K2 and Spice. Lawmakers caught on and banned most of these products, but the manufacturers have been able to work around the laws. While the original products are no longer seen on the market as often, new alternatives are cropping up, including a liquid form that can be used with e-cigarettes.

Sneaky Synthetic Marijuana Makers And The Law

While Colorado and Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults, the drug is still illegal in most places. When synthetic marijuana is made in a lab, the natural cannabinoids in the cannabis plants are mimicked. There are thousands of variations. When lawmakers ban one substance, the drug manufacturers simply alter their chemicals and put a new product out that is not necessarily illegal. Lawmakers caught on to this trick, too, and banned the products that were obviously marijuana substitutes. The makers are sneaky, though, and they keep coming up with new ways to get synthetic marijuana on the market.

Liquid Marijuana

The latest form of synthetic marijuana is a liquid. As with earlier products that are now banned, the makers of the liquids try to disguise their products as legal and safe. For instance, you can find liquid synthetic marijuana online marketed as liquid incense. Because this is a newer product, it is not certain just how harmful it could be. It is easy to hide in a pocket and it doesn’t look like marijuana. It is also a concentrated form of cannabinoids. Taking too much at once could be harmful. What has always made any form of synthetic marijuana dangerous is the fact that the formulation changes. Anyone using a synthetic product has no way of knowing exactly what the drug is.

Hiding Synthetic Marijuana In E-Cigarettes

Another big concern over synthetic liquid marijuana is how it could easily be used with e-cigarettes. These are devices that give smokers an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They were designed to help smokers quit by giving them a hit of nicotine without the harmful smoke that a tobacco cigarette produces. An e-cigarette contains a small, battery-operated heater. It heats up a vial of liquid containing dissolved nicotine. The smoker inhales nicotine and exhales water vapor. The action is called vaping.

Why People Are Easily Getting Away With Smoking Synthetic Marijuana In E-Cigarettes

There have been many controversies surrounding e-cigarettes, not least of which is the potential for drawing teens into smoking. With liquid forms of synthetic marijuana available, critics are now concerned that young people could be using e-cigarettes to get high. Particularly problematic is the fact that the exhalation from an e-cigarette has no odor. This makes it easy for anyone, teens or adults, to get high without anyone realizing what they’re up to.

The Draw Of Liquid Synthetic Marijuana And What Parents Can Do

Synthetic marijuana poses many problems. Lawmakers struggle to keep up with what the drug dealers are selling. Young people are drawn to drugs that are easy to access and buy. Vaporizers are making it easier than ever for anyone to get high and stay under the radar. Perhaps the biggest concern with synthetic products is that they can cause real harm. Young people sometimes overdose and die using these manufactured drugs. It may be difficult to eradicate these synthetic marijuana products, but parents can make a difference with their own children. When adults are aware of what their kids can access, they can start a discussion and warn them of the risks and dangers.

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