How Can You Help Teens Understand The Dangers Of Drug Abuse

How Can You Help Teens Understand The Dangers Of Drug Abuse?

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Teens are natural experimenters. They like to push boundaries, try new things and take risks. In many ways this tendency is positive and helps teens grow into healthy adults. But when it comes to drugs and drug abuse, teens may go too far and take risks that they will regret for a lifetime. If you are the parent of a teenager, teach him drug abuse facts that will help him make better choices in the future.

What Are The Facts About Teen Drug Abuse?

When you have the drug talk with your teen, he may try to tell you that it’s not a big deal, that he isn’t exposed to drugs. Drug abuse facts and statistics about teen substance use tell a different story.

Even before high school, by the 8th grade, 15 percent of students have tried at least one kind of drug. By senior year of high school, that number grows to 50 percent.

And if your teen tries to tell you there are no drugs around his school, know that surveys show 60 percent of teens know of drugs being on school grounds.

Why Are Drugs So Dangerous For Teens?

The facts of drug abuse are that these substances are bad for everyone, but they are particularly damaging to teens. The human brain continues to develop during the teen years and doesn’t stop until well into the 20s. This means that any negative interruption to the development process can have far-reaching consequences.

Teens abusing drugs may develop cognitive problems, difficulties with memory and even a lower IQ. We also know from statistics that teens who use drugs are more likely than their peers to have academic issues, to miss school and to get in trouble with the law.

Some of the most terrifying dangers associated with teens using drugs are those that may occur while a teen is under the influence. Using drugs leads to poor choices. Teens abusing substances may drive while using and cause an accident.

They can also cause and be involved in accidents even without operating a vehicle. Drug use by teens also often leads to unprotected sex with the consequences of unintended pregnancies or the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.

Among the most abused teenage drug, is marijuana and many young people believe it to carry few risks. The truth is that any drug can have a lasting and negative impact on a teenager. From cognitive damage to academic failure, to poor decisions that lead to devastating accidents, drugs are simply bad news for teens. Make sure that your teen has the facts and understands just how important it is to say no when it comes to experimenting with drugs of any kind.

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