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Arm Teens With These Important Alcohol Facts

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Underage drinking is a major public health issue. Teens abuse alcohol more than any other substance. It is a problem for individuals as well. Thousands of underage drinkers die every year in alcohol-related accidents or because of alcohol-related illnesses. If you are the parent of a teen or even a younger child, now is the time to start talking about alcohol.

Facts For Teens About Drinking

Teens need to know the facts about drinking so that they can make the most informed decisions. You can’t always be there to guide your children. Arm them with the facts.

Teens Are Drinking A Lot

The facts are sometimes shocking, but teens drink and they drink a lot. Almost one-third of 8th graders have already tried alcohol. These are kids that are only 13- or 14-years old. More than half of high school sophomores have experimented with drinking. By senior year, most teens—71 percent—have already begun to drink. Nearly one quarter of high school seniors admit that they have engaged in binge drinking, a dangerous practice of having five or more drinks in a row.

What may be most disturbing of all when it comes to alcohol facts for teenagers is that too many young people have driven a car when under the influence. Eight percent of high school students admit that they have done this. There are likely more that are ashamed to admit to drinking and driving, especially when you consider that 24 percent of students say they have been passengers with drunk drivers.

Consequences Of Teen Drinking

The consequences of underage drinking can be disastrous. Teens that choose to drink are much more likely to also try illegal drugs or to engage in self-harm including suicide attempts. People who start drinking before the age of 15 are also more likely to become addicted as adults. The choice to drink while in high school could have lifelong consequences.

The most tragic consequences of underage drinking are the accidents, injuries, and deaths that happen far too often. Thousands of young people die each year because of alcohol-related events such as car crashes, violent assaults, suicides, drowning or falling accidents, and alcohol poisoning. These are truly dire consequences that no parent wants to have to face.

Teens Making Good Choices

The good news is that you can empower your children to make good choices. Not all teens go down the path of underage drinking. Those that are most likely to abstain are the teens whose parents talked to them about drinking and its consequences. 50 facts about drugs and alcohol send a powerful message to young people about how much teens drink and how harmful the practice is.

Take the time to learn the facts about alcohol and teens and to talk to your children. Doing so could be one of the most important ways you can protect your kids.

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