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20 Facts About Drugs And Alcohol For Teens

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Teen substance abuse statistics are upsetting to hear about, especially for parents of preteens and teens. Our young people are using drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol, and the consequences are serious.

Facts About Drugs And Alcohol For Teens And Parents

Here are 20 facts about drugs and alcohol to educate both parents and teens.

  1. Nearly 16 percent of eighth graders have smoked cigarettes, and 7 percent of high school seniors smoke every day.
  2. A mere one-fifth of seniors in high school think that smoking cigarettes once in a while is dangerous or harmful.
  3. About one quarter of teens who smoke once will continue to smoke every day.
  4. Fifteen percent of eighth graders have tried smoking pot, while 43 percent of high school seniors use marijuana.
  5. Drug abuse facts show that synthetic marijuana is also popular with teens. More than 11 percent of high school seniors have used these products to get high.
  6. Almost 9 percent of high school seniors have used hallucinogens like ketamine, mushrooms or LSD. The latter is most common, with 4 percent having used it at least once.
  7. A whopping 64 percent of teenagers report having abused prescription painkillers and say that they got the drugs from a family member or from a friend.
  8. More than 8 percent of teens have abused a prescription ADHD medication like Adderall.
  9. More than 60 percent of teens say that they know of drugs being kept at their school and being used in the school building.
  10. More than 5 percent of high school seniors have tried cocaine.
  11. According to teenage drinking statistics, nearly a third of eighth graders have had alcohol.
  12. By sophomore year, more than half of teens have used alcohol.
  13. Among high school seniors, 71 percent have abused alcohol. Almost a quarter of seniors report having engaged in binge drinking, or having five or more drinks at once.
  14. Eight percent of teens in high school admit to driving after drinking.
  15. Nearly a quarter of high school students say that they have been passengers in a car when the driver was intoxicated.
  16. Of all the alcohol drunk in the U.S., 11 percent is consumed by underage drinkers.
  17. The average first age for trying alcohol is 13 for girls; for boys it is 11.
  18. Teens who abuse alcohol are much more likely to try cocaine.
  19. Teens that drink are up to three times more likely than their sober peers to engage in cutting, to have suicidal thoughts or to commit other acts of self-harm.
  20. Among the three leading causes for death in teens (car accidents, homicides and suicides), alcohol is the number one factor.

Why It Matters To Talk To Your Young Teens

Drinking, smoking and using drugs are serious issues for teens and their parents. If you have a teen in the house, these facts might seem scary. A final and important fact is that teens whose parents talk to them about these issues are much less likely to abuse drugs, to drink or to smoke.

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